Use of the product

The product can be used by any medical assistant or practitioner without any further previous knowledge. It is important though to place the pad with the stimulating burls downward directly on the ground of the wound. The wound itself should be in a clean state before placing the pad. Special attention has to be paid in the case of treatment of small wounds, as the pad can have the tendency to move out of the intended place.

To place the pad in a reverse direction (wrong side on the wound) means no further risk, the healing process will simply not be accelerated. Further bandages for absorption of wound secretion can be added if needed. Use elastic bandages for fixation of the pad. In general, the pad needs to be substituted after four to seven days. It will not adhere to the ground of the wound after that period of time.

  • Don’t use the pad if the packing has been damaged
  • Sterility of the pad is not guaranteed after opening of the packing. Use the pad immediately after opening of the packing.
  • Product is being delivered in sterile condition – sterilization through radiation treatment
  • Keep the pad out of humidity
  • The product is not supposed to be used several times, as a sufficient cleanliness cannot be guaranteed that way (one way product)