Product description

Product description

The Product TISSUPOR® Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery is a wound embroidery, made of pure polyester filament and does not contain any chemicals, or pharmaceuticals. It has one shiny and one rough side, which is facing to the wound. 

The innovative 3-dimensional structure of the surface with specific pore openings between 10 µm and 3mm promotes the in-growing of cells and capillaries into the textile structure. This accelerates the for-mation of granulation tissues. This promotes angiogenesis by mechanical stimulation of the wound ground and induces micro-bleeding. By this the healing time of wounds required is reduced substantially. In addition, the change of the wound pads compared to other products is less painful for the patient.

Product delivery

The product TISSUPOR® Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery is gamma-sterilized available in one size of 8x8cm, and may be cut by the user to the required dimension. For larger wound areas, the pads can be joined together.

The product has an expiry time of 5 years after sterilization, which is marked on the primary package as well as on the secondary package.

The product is delivered with an instruction for use.


Tissupor Wound Pad 3D Embroidery is suitable for weak to strong secreting wounds in the exsudativ and  granulation phases:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Diabetes mellitus DM diabetic feet
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Other ulcers such as leg ulcer
  • Postoperative wounds, for example after removal of tumors