• The wound needs to be cleaned with a sterile solution. The wound should be treated and prepared according to the healing progress of the wound as described by the EWMA (European Wound Management Association).


  • Put the TISSUPOR Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery directly on the ground of the wound, rough side with pores downward
  • The pad can be cut according to the needs of the wound (form, length, width
  • The pad gets used in dry form and a sterile solution can be added in case of necrotic wounds


  • The TISSUPOR Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery gets fixated with an elastic bandage or with some duct tape. Use mild pressure only. Special attention has to be paid in the case of treatment of small wounds, as the pad can have the tendency to move out of the intended place.
  • Avoid contact with water

Substitution of the bandage 

  • TISSUPOR Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery can be left on the wound for four to seven days without the pad sticking to the wound
  • In case of strong exudation the pad should be changed more frequently (three to four days)
  • The usage of additional absorber-material (compresses) is possible. This additional material can be substituted more frequently without removing the TISSUPOR Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery
  • The pad is not supposed to be used more than once as proper cleaning cannot be guaranteed (one way product)