Tissupor was developed during a project of the MedTech initiative that included the Federal Bureau for education and technology (BBT) in Bern, Switzerland. Furthermore the ETH in Zürich, the EMPA (federal material testing institute), the Swiss Textile School as well as the private companies Flawa AG and Bischoff Textil AG were involved in this project.

Thanks to the close and interdisciplinary collaboration, a new development evolved: A wound compress with several layers and a completely new and unique approach. The wound pad is being embroidered and it opens up new possibilities in the process of wound healing.

In the beginning the wound pad didn’t get much of attention, although the concept and the fundamental idea newer got out of the heads of the pioneers that invented it. Therefore, the product was developed further test were being made and the results were used as new input for further improvements. Always at the front line of all these developments was Mr Edgar Morand who was able to purchase the rights of the product from Bischoff Textil AG in 2015. One year later, Mr Morand then founded Tissupor AG as a company. His primary goal was to proof the functionality of the product with an extensive clinical study, which he did successfully only shortly thereafter.

The idea of Mr Morand was to make a functional product even simpler in the handling, without jeopardizing the excellent healing effects. Therefore the product now consists of only one single layer. The usability is being simplified like that, the healing effects remain on the same high level as before though.

Tissupor Wound Pad 3-D Embroidery, so simple, yet so effective!